Teaching American History Project: American Culture Lessons

red The 28th Amendment
Grade 8 - Barbara Siner

blue American Symbols
Grade 6 - Heather Fitzgerald
Analysis Worksheet
Revolutionary War Symbols
American Symbols

red Bill Me on Congress
Grade 8 - Lorna Gallagher
Essay Requirements - Scoring Sheet

red Changing Roles of Men and Women 1950s-1990s
Grade 8 - Melissa Szych

red Connecticut Supreme Court Visit
Grade 10 - Russell Hart
Law Court Procedures Quiz
Law Court Procedures Answers

red Evolution of the Thompson School System Using Primary Sources
Grade 5 - Judy Perkins

red Reflection on the 1990s through Music
Grade 11 - Peter Rodrigues

red Popular Culture and Coca-Cola
Grade 11 - Cynthia Petrie
Coca-Cola PowerPoint

red Presidential Elections - Campaign Buttons
Grade 11 - Peter Joseph
Buttons! PowerPoint

blue A Study of Baseball and History Through Film
Grades 9-12 - Laura Maud, Daniel Heaphy

blue The Seven Hats of the President
Grades 11-12 - Kim Jalet

blue Supreme Court Case Review
Grades 10-11 - Joseph Lewerk

red U.S. History Artifact Autobiographies
Grade 11 - Karen Cook

blue We Didn’t Start the Fire
Grade 8 - Melissa Szych

blue 2006-2009 Teaching American History

red 2009-2012 Teaching American History