Teaching American History Project: Becoming a World Power

teddy roosevelt spanish american war shipandrew carnegiespanish american war hawaii's last queen

red American Imperialism: For and Against
Grade 10 - Kimberly Weber

red American Imperialism – The Annexation of Hawaii
Grade 11 - Lorraine Dooley

red American Imperialism Supporters and Naysayers
Grade 11 - Daniel Martin

red A Case of Guilt, Shame or Amnesia: The Phillipine American War
Grades 9-12 - Kevin Mariano
Phillipine American War PowerPoint

red Criminal Actions by the U.S. During The Filipino Insurrection: Investigating Sources
Grade 11 - Bill Powers

red Indentured Servitude of Native Americans in Southern New England
Grades 9-12 - Douglas Craig

red Influencing the World: American Thomasites to the Peace Corps
Grades 11-12 - Joseph Lewerk

red Motivating the Population - Rallying the Public to War
Grade 11 - Peter Joseph
Venn Diagram

red The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy
Grade 8 - Kathleen Bryce
Chapter Excerpts

red Reacting to Imperialism
Grade 11-12 - Joseph Lewerk

blue Spanish American War
Grade 11

blue Spanish American War
Yellow Press
Articles for Lesson

blue Views Concerning U.S. Imperialism After the Spanish American War
Grades 9-12 - Spiro Mandes
Imperialism - Spanish American War Matrix

red White Man’s Burden
Grade-11 - Jason McGarry

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