Teaching American History Project: Civil War and Reconstruction

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red The 1863 Draft Riot in West Rutland, Vermont
Grades 9-12 - Sean Gilligan

blue An Abolitionist Lecture
An Abolitionist Lecture Questions

blue The American Turtle
Grade 5 - Maureen Festi, Jessica Cooley

red April 1864: Edward Washburn Whitaker and the Surrender at Appomattox
Grade 8 - Kathleen Bryce

red Civil War
Grades 9-12 - Marisa Haralson

red The Civil War – The Feminine Perspective
Grade 8 - Christine Brooks

blue Civil War Irish Music
Grade 7-8 - David Jones

red Civil War Narratives
Grade 8 - Christine Antaya

red Civil War Photos
Grade 8 - Kristen Blore
Civil War Photograph Powerpoint
Cornell Notes Graphic Organizer
Spider Map Graphic Organizer

red Civil War Political Cartoons
Grade 8 - Dona Stratton

red Civil War Soldier
Grade 8 - Christine Brooks
Photo Analysis Worksheet

red Comparing Reconstruction Plans
Grade 11 - Jarrid Clifton

red A Comparison of Revolutionary War and Civil War Recruitment
Grade 8 - Chris Brooks

red The Cotton Gin and its connection to the Civil War
Grade 8 - Melissa Szyc

red Create an Annotated Civil War Photo Album
Grade 8 - Christine Antaya

red Creating Photo-Narratives of the Civil War
Grades 9-12 - Steve Turgeon
Student Photo Storyboard
Civil War Photos

red Dissenting Opinion - The Tariff Law of 1828
Grade 11- Daniel Martin

red Edward Washburn Whitaker's Enlistment
Grade 8 - Kathleen Bryce

red The Election of 1860
Grade 8 - Kevin Grant
Cartoon Analysis Worksheet

red Experience the Daily Life of a Civil War Soldier
Grade 6 - Carol Goulart

red Flags and Reconstruction
Grade 11 - Peter Rodrigues

red Gettysburg Address
Grades 9-12 - Marisa Haralson

red Investigating the KKK
Grade 8 - Kristen Blore

red Jim Crow Laws
Grade 11 - Peter Rodrigues

red John Brown - Hero or Villain
Grade 11 - Spiro Mandes

red John Fox Slater and the Freedmen
Grade 11 - Karen Cook

red A Justification: Southern Support of Slavery
Grades 9-12 - Karen Diaz

red Learning to Analyze Political Cartoons with Lincoln as a Case Study
Grade 8 - David Cahssanoff
Lincoln Political Cartoons Powerpoint
Political Cartoon Drawing Activity

red Life in the North and South Before the Civil War
Grade 8 - Adam Nemeroff

blue Lincoln Assassination
Grade 8 - David Chassanoff

red Lincoln Election Poster
Grades 7-8 - Carol Stepas Goulart

red Lincoln's Pocket
Grade 8 - Kristen Blore

blue Logbook of a Connecticut Slave Ship
Grade 7 - Lisa Romasanta

blue Massachusetts 54th Raid on Darien, Georgia Shaw Letter
Grades 9-12 - Art Blais

red Military Recruitment Over Time
Grade 8 - Kevin Grant

blue Music of Slavery and Oppression in the Mid 1800s
Grades 7-8 - David Jones

red Reaction to the Emancipation Proclamation
Grade 11 - Karen Cook

red Slavery Fact Sheet
Grade 9-12 - Spiro Mandes
Slavery Fact Sheet Information

blue The Southern Perspective on Reconstruction
Grade 8-11

red Sullivan Ballou's Letter
Grade 10 - Russell Hart
Sullivan Ballou Introduction and Letter
Sullivan Ballou's Letter in Movie format
Sullivan Ballou Questions

blue Treatment of African American Soldiers: Civil War and WWII
Grade 11 - Cynthia Petrie

red Unchained Memories
Grade 11 - Nicole Veach

blue What Happened to John Wilkes Booth?
Grades 7-12 - Jean Benoit

red Why a Compromise in 1850
Grade 8-10 - Chris Brooks

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