Teaching American History Project: Cold War & Civil Rights Era

Cold War Space Race Jackie Robinson Martin Luther King, Jr. Giving Speech Segregation at the water cooler1950s woman

red Analyzing Political Cartoons of the McCarthy Era
Grades 9-12 - Karen Diaz

red Civil Rights
Grade 9-12 - Marisa Haralson

red Civil Rights – Historical Perspectives
Grade 11 - Kevin Mariano

blue Civil Rights Methodology: MLK vs. Carmichael
Grades 9-12 - Bobby Skarvelas

red Cold War - Anti Communism
Grade 11 - Peter Joseph

red The Cold War at Home
Grade 11 - Kailee Donovan
The Cold War at Home PowerPoint

red Cold War Document Analysis and DBQ Essay
Grade 11 - Geraldine Dineen

red The Cold War: Period of Prosperity or Danger?
Grade 11 - Peter Joseph

red Cold War Review
Grade 11 - Peter Rodrigues

red Connecticut Communists
Grade 11 - Karen Cook

red Connecticut's Reaction to Martin Luther King's Assassination
Grades 9-12 - Asia Boxton

blue Cuban Missile Crisis
Grade 11 - Joan Galenski

red Cuban Missile Crisis
Grade 11 - Kevin Mariano
Cuban Missile Crisis Powerpoint

red Cuban Missile Crisis
Grade 8 - Debra St. Jean
Note Taking Handout

blue Dealing with Discrimination
Grades 9-12 - Ryan Broderick, Bobby Skarvelas

blue Eminent Domain
Grade 7 - Jeanne Benoit

blue Evolving Views of Minority Rights in the U.S.
Grade 10 - Stephanie Loughran

red Greensboro Sit-in
Grade 9 - Douglas Craig

red Hollywood v. HUAC
Grade 11 - Jarrid Clifton

blue Introductory Lesson on Prejudice
Grades 7-12 - Jeanne Benoit

blue Jackie Robinson and the Civil Rights Movement
Grades 9-12 - Ryan Broderick, Bobby Skarvelas

blue Jim Crow Laws and the Constitution
Grades 8-12 - Bobby Skarvelas

red Korean War from a Soldier’s Point of View
Grade 11 - Cynthia Petrie

blue Levittown, Automobiles, and Culture of the 1950s
Grades 9-12 - Tina Conetta

red The Little Rock Nine Crisis
Grade 8 - Debra St. Jean

red Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream Speech"
Grade 11 - Shelley Manning

blue Martin Luther King, Jr. and John Lewis - Speeches at the March on Washington, August 1963
Grade 9

blue Martin Luther King vs Malcolm X
Grade 11 - Matthew Warner
Malcolm X - Black Revolution
MLK - I Have a Dream

blue McCarthyism The Political Cartoons of Herb Block
Grades 9-12

red Minorities in Mainstream American Society
Grade 11 - Cynthia Petrie

blue Montgomery Bus Boycott
Grades 7-12 - Morgan Perry

red Montgomery Bus Boycott – Whose Side Are You On?
Grade 8 - Lorna Gallagher

blue Music: The Nation's Voice (1960s)
Grades 9-12 - Morgan Perry

red Naturalization Test
Grade 9-10 - Lisa Bastien

red Opposing Views of the Dream
Grade 11 - Russell Hart
Martin Luther King Jr.: I Have a Dream Movie

red Playing With History - By Any Means Necessary
Grades 9-12 - Michael Meyer

red A Report Card on Present Day America Using Eisenhower's Farewell Address
Grade 11- Cynthia Petrie

red The Role of Women in the 1950's
Grade 11 - Leilani Jones
Student Guided Analysis Organizer

red Senator McCarthy's Speech
Grade 9 - Craig Demars

red Television's Defining Moment - The Election of 1960
Grade 11 - Daniel Martin
1960 JFK/Nixon Television Debate (mv4 format)

red View from the Other Side: East and West Berliners Tell Their Stories
Grade 9 - Craig Demars

red Voting Rights, The 15th Amendment and Literacy Tests: Pass?
Grades 9-12 - Spiro Mandes

red Who Was Responsible for the Start of the Cold War
Grades 9-12 - Douglas Craig

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