Teaching American History Project: Colonial America


blue Bacon's in the Fire
Grade 7

blue Boston Massacre Comparison
Grade 7 - Kevin Grant
Compare-Contrast Worksheet
Boston Massacre Image
Chappel Image
Photo Analysis Worksheet

blue A Closer Look at Colonial History
Grade 5
Artifact PowerPoint

blue Colonial Homes
Ellen Chalfant, Victoria Stolzman and Dawn Darche
Lesson 1
Lesson 2

red The Dairy of Mary Osgood Sumner
Grade 5 - Judy Perkins
Student Handouts

blue Documents of Early Forms of Representative Government
Grade 7 - Anna-Liisa Messier

red Education in Colonial New England
Grade 5 - Virginia Viteri
Primary and Secondary Sources Powerpoint
Primary Source Investigations Sheets
Exit Card
RAFT Writing Planning Sheet

red Indentured Servitude of Native Americans in Southern New England
Grades 9-12 - Douglas Craig

red Indentured Servant Trial
Grades 5-8 - Leslie Cicilline

red Is There Any New Amsterdam Left in New York?
Grade 5 - Jessica Cooley

red Jamestown According to John Smith
Grade 5 - Jessica Cooley
The Real Jamestown PowerPoint
Problems at Jamestown video
Captain John Smith Saves Jamestown video

red Mayflower Compact
Grade 12 - Betsy Kowal

red Mayflower Compact
Grade 5 - Leslie Cicilline

red Mayflower Compact – A Closer Look
Grade 5 - Jessica Cooley

red Mystery in History: Lost Colony of Roanoke
Grade 5 - Leslie Cicilline

blue The Middle Passage
Grade 8
Alexander Falconbridge's account of the slave trade
Inquiry Task Worksheet
Interior of Slave Ship
Living Africans Thrown Overboard
Stowage of the British Slave Ship
The Deck of the Bark Wildfire

blue Perspectives on Mercantilism
Grade 11

blue Plainfield Historical Map
Grade 8 - Kevin Grant
Plainfield Land Divisions Map

blue Plotting Slavery in Connecticut in the 1700s
Grade 10 - Ben Scurto

blue Roger Williams
Grade 5 - Stanley Harris

blue Roanoke - The Lost Colony
Grade 5 - Jessica Cooley
Colonist Letter Rubric
Group Checklist
Map of Jamestown
Photograph of Fort Raleigh
Roanoke - Theory 1
Roanoke - Theory 2
Roanoke - Theory 3
Roanoke - Theory 4

red Schooling in Colonial America
Grade 10 - Caitlin Masopust
Schooling in Colonial America PowerPoint

red Southern Colony Maps
Grade 5 - Jessica Cooley
Boundaries of the Southern Colonies PowerPoint

red Three Early American Documents
Grade 11 - Bill Powers

red The Wampanoag-Pilgrim Treaty
Grade 5 - Leslie Cicilline

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