Teaching American History Project: Immigration

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red 19th Century Industrialization and Immigration
Grade 11 - Kevin Mariano
Primary Source Articles

red An Immigrant in NYC
Grade 8 - Christine Brooks

blue Chinese Immigration 1860s - 1880s
Grade 8 - Cyndee McManaman

blue Ellis Island
Grade 11 - Chris Brooks and Bill Powers
Primary Sources

blue Family History
Grade 8 - Elyse Poller and Dona Stratton

red Immigrant Accounts
Grade 9-12 - Sean Gilligan
My Personal Hero and Fleeing Sudan

red Immigrant Children in Industrial America 
Grade 8 - Debra St. Jean
Immigrant Children Worksheet

red Immigration Investigation
Grade 8 - Kristen Blore
Immigrant Investigation Worksheet

red Immigration and the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
Grade 11 - Cynthia Petrie


blue Lee Chew's Story of Chinese Immigration
Grades 9-12 - Sean Gilligan

red Local Immigration History
Grades 8 - Dona Stratton
Local Immigration History Scoring Rubic

red No Irish Need Apply
Grade 8 - David Chassanoff
Irish Immigration PowerPoint

red Perspectives on Immigration Toward the Turn of the Century
Grade 8 - David Chassanoff

blue Puerto Rican Migration: Historical Fiction Lesson
Grades 9-12 - Sean Gilligan

red Urban Growth in Industrial America
Grades 9-12 - Peter Rodrigues
Urban Growth in Industrial America Directions, Information and Questions

red What Were the Possessions Immigrants Brought With Them?
Grade 8-9 - Carol Goulart

red Workers during the Gilded Age
Grades 9-12 - Asia Boxton

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