Teaching American History Project: Industrialization & Urbanization

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red The 5 Ws of the Great East Thompson Train Wreck
Grade 5 - Judy Perkins

red The Businesses That Were the Driving Force of Norwich, CT in 1904
Grade 8 - Lorna Gallagher

red Comparing Points of View Using Primary and Secondary Sources Regarding the Grosvenor Dale Co. Mill, Late 1800s
Grade 5 - Judy Perkins
Primary Source Materials

red Discovering the Industrial Revolution in Killingly
Grades 9-12 - Joseph Lewerk
Miles of Millstreams

red The Gilded Age - Photo Analysis of America's Working Class
Grade 11 - Kristen DeBona

red Henry Ford and the Assembly Line
Grade 11 - Russell Hart

red Homestead Strike Songs
Grade 8 - Lisa Romasanta

blue The Impact of the IWW on the Nation

red The Impact of the Telegraph on Modern Society
Grade 11 - Spiro Mandes
The Impact of the Telegraph PowerPoint

red Incident at Homestead
Grade 8 - David Chassanoff

blue Industrial Revolution
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 2 Analysis Sheet
Lesson 3
Lesson 3 Presentation Rubric

red The IWW and the Perceived Threat to American Democracy during the First Red Scare
Grade 11 - Cynthia Petrie

blue Life in Griswold during the 1870s

blue Political Cartoons of Political Machines

blue The Progressives

red Slave v. Wage Labor
Grade 11 - Kristen DeBona

red The Triangle Factory Fire of 1911
Grade 8 - Debra St, Jean

red Triangle Shirtwaist Fire-100 Years Later
Grade 11 - Lorraine Dooley

red The Transportation Revolution
Grades 9-12 - Steve Turgeon

red A Visual History- Industry, Society and Social Mobility in Hartford
Grades 11-12 - from Caitlin Masopust
A Visual History of Hartford TAH Lesson PowerPoint
A Visual History of Hartford powerpoint
A Visual History of Hartford powerpoint for notetaking
A Visual History of Hartford TAH (PowerPoint student version)

blue Victorian Architecture
Grade 6 - Heather Fitzgerald
Features of Victorian Style Architecture
Features of Tenement Housing Reference Sheet
Photograph Analysis Worksheet for Victorian Homes

red Workers during the Gilded Age
Grades 9-12 - Asia Boxton

red Working Conditions in Cheney Mills
Grade 11 - Ashley Zeppa

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