Teaching American History Project: Native Americans and Exploration

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blue Controversial Columbus
Grade 7

red Changing Views of the World in the Age of Exploration
Grade 5 - Virginia Viteri
Map Observation Worksheet

red Clovis Spear Point
Grades 9-12 - Douglas Craig

blue Dekanawidah (Iroquois and U.S. Constitution)
Grade Level 7-8 - Jim Crawford

red Eastern Woodland Indians' Tools
Grade 11 - Bill Powers

red Encounter with Christopher Columbus
Grade 5 - Leslie Cicilline
Mindlook Taino Boy
Sample Partner Poem

blue The Human Journey: Original Migrations
Grade 11 - Bill Powers

red Indentured Servitude of Native Americans in Southern New England
Grades 9-12 - Douglas Craig

red King Philip's War
Grades 9-12 - Sean Gilligan
King Philip Primary Source
King Philip's War Options
Sachem's Speech Writing Activity

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