Teaching American History Project: Primary Source Skills Lessons

blue Analyzing Political Cartoons
Grades 9-12 - Ben Scurto
Analysis Sheet

red Analyzing Postcards from Historic Willimantic
Grades 9-12 - Chelsea Ferland
Historic Postcards and Trade Cards

blue Archeological Inquiry Lesson
Grade 6 - Max Echevarria
Artifact Questions

blue Cemetery Lesson
Grade 8 - Russ Hart

blue Census Records
Grade 10 - Ben Scurto

blue Debate Format
Grades 7-12
Debate Format
Debate Roles
Debate Rubric
Debate Rules and Suggestions

red Discrimination
Grades 9-12 - Marisa Haralson

red Forming a New Government
Grades 9-12 - Marisa Haralson

blue Historic Court Cases
Grades 9-12 - Ben Scurto
Rubric and Links
The Trail of John Peter Zenger PowerPoint

red Learning How to Analyze Primary Sources
Grades 8-9 - Chelsea Ferland
Primary Source Analysis Worksheet

red Learning to Analyze Political Cartoons with Lincoln as a Case Study
Grade 8 - David Chassanoff
Elements and Symbols of Political Cartoons
Lincoln Chart
Lincoln Class Examples
Lincoln political cartoons PowerPoint
Political Cartoon Analysis Worksheet
Political Cartoon Drawing Activity

blue Memorializing American History
Grade 11 - Matthew Warner
Exploring American Memory
East Hartford High School Field Trip Post Walk

blue Michigan Avenue Photo Lesson
Grade 5 - Stanley Harris

blue Mysterious Coin Discovery
Grade 7 - Lisa Romasanta

blue Mystic Economy
Grade 5 - Stanley Harris and Jeff Burnham

blue Personal Artifacts
Grade 9 - Jarrid Clifton

blue Pre-Textile Museum Visit

blue Primary Sources and Historical Conclusions
Grade 5 - Stanley Harris

blue Primary Source Lesson
Grades 9-12 - Ben Scurto
How to Analyze a Primary Source PowerPoint

blue Propaganda in the 1900s
Grades 10-12

blue Real Life Primary Sources
Grade 5 - Stanley Harris

red Teaching History Through Songs and Poems
Grades 9-12 - Ben Scurto
Sample Songs and Poems

blue Teaching with Political Cartoons
Grades 7-12
Skills Lesson 1
Skills Lesson 2
Political Cartoons Skills PowerPoint 1
Political Cartoons Skills PowerPoint 2
Cartoon Analysis Worksheet

red Three Songs and a Letter
Grades 9-12 - Sean Gilligan

blue Why Study History
Grades 6-12

blue Voting Rights (1965)
Grade 8 - Dona Stratton, Elyse Poller

blue 2006-2009 Teaching American History
red 2009-2012
Teaching American History