Teaching American History Project: Recent American History

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red Amendments to the U.S. Constitution in the 20th Century
Grade 8 - Melissa Szych

red The American Dream
Grade 11 - Craig Demars

red American Legislators in History: Creating Facebook profiles for Edward “Ted” Kennedy and John Boehner
Grade 11 - Lindsey Hepple
Facebook Template

red Bill of Rights Lesson
Grade 7 - Kyra Kasperson
The Bill of Rights

red Building a Mosque at Ground Zero
Grades 11-12 - Emma Tuthill
No Longer Invisible
Your House is on Ground Zero

red Campaign Promises: How Long Are They Kept?
Grade 11 - Peter Joseph

red Changing Roles of Men and Women 1950s-1990s
Grade 8 - Melissa Szych

red Congressional Decision Making and the Dream Act
Grade 12 - Betsy Kowal

blue Dogtown and Z-Boys - Adapting to the Environment in 1970s
Grade 6 - Jeff Burnham

red An Equal Rights Amendment for the 21st Century
Grade 11 - Cynthia Petrie

red Exit Strategy
Exit Strategy Student Work Analysis Sheets
Grade 9-12 - Nina Skarvelas

blue Fair Trade
Grade 6 - Jeff Burnham

red Freedom of Expression – Flag Burning
Grades 9-10 - Lisa Bastien

red History and the State of the Union
Grade 11 - Karen Cook

red The Image of the President: Jimmy Carter and the Crisis of Confidence
Grade 11 - Peter Joseph

red The Impact of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Grade 11 - Shelley Manning

blue Iran Hostage Crisis

red Military Recruitment Over Time
Grade 8 - Kevin Grant

red Modern Immigration Trends in Eastern Connecticut
Grades 9-12 - Spiro Mandes
Immigration Trend Chart

red The Monroe Doctrine over Time
Grade 8 - Kevin Grant

red National Disasters
Grade 11 - Michael Meyer

red Native American Generalizations and Stereotype
Grades 9-12 - Spiro Mandes

Grade 11 - Shelley Manning

blue Plainfield Map Comparison
Grade 8 - Russell Hart

red Presidential Pardon
Grade 11 - Shelley Manning
Ford on Nixon Pardon audio file

blue The Seven Hats of the President
Grades11-12 - Kim Jalet

red Motivating the Population - Rallying the Public to War
Grade 11 - Peter Joseph
Venn Diagram

red Presidential Elections - Campaign Buttons
Grade 11 - Peter Joseph
Buttons! PowerPoint

red Reagan Political Cartoons
Grades 9-12 - Michael Meyer
Political Cartoons and Questions

red Reflection on the 1990s through Music
Grade 11 - Peter Rodrigues

blue Revolutionist vs Terrorist
Grade 11 - Jason McGarry
Venn Diagram
Psychology of Terrorism

red Segregation
Grades 9-12 - Marisa Haralson

red Sheff V. O'Neill - Success or Faillure
Grade 11-12 - Kailee Donovan
Sheff V. O'Neill Powerpoint

red To Declare or Not to Declare? – An Evaluation of Presidential Requests for Military Actions at Home and Abroad
Grade 11 - Jarrid Clifton

red Watergate Articles of Impeachment
Grade 11 - Geri Dineen

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