Teaching American History Project: Reform Movements

prudence crandall Votes for Women Postertree of temperance Statements on Slavery Posterjohn brown

red Abolitionists and Proponents of Slavery
Grade 11 - Jarrid Clifton

blue Amistad - CT Freedom Trail
Grade 10 - Ben Scurto

red Analyzing Primary and Secondary Sources to Assess the Decisions and Policies fo Sitting Bull, Red Cloud and the U.S.Government
Grades 9-12 - Karen Diaz

red Booker T. Washingtson and W.E.B. DuBois: Understanding Historical Context
Grade 11 - Karen Cook

red Civil Disobedience – Right or Wrong?
Grade 8 - Lorna Gallagher
First Trial Summary, Second Trial Summary, Third Trial Summary
Andrew Judson History

red Cult of Domesticity
Grade 11 - Geri Dineen

red Early American Reform Movements
Grade 11 - Kristen DeBona
Early American Reform Movements PowerPoint

blue Fighting the Demons: The Early American
Temperance/Anti-tobacco Movement

Document Analysis Sheet
Primary Sources

blue Gender-Based Temperance Reform
Grade 11

blue Indian Resistance
Grades 5-6 - Victoria Stolzman

red Introduction to Reform Movements of the 1800s
Grade 11 - Taylor Lebovich

red Jacksonian Democracy via Political Cartoons
Grade 7 - Kyra Kasperson
Materials - Political Cartoons
Political Cartoon Worksheet

red John Brown's Raid: Understanding Regional and National Reactions
Grade 11 - Peter Joseph

red Making the Case for Progressive Constitutional Changes in Connecticut
Grades 10-11 - Joseph Lewerk
Primary Source Documents for Making the Case for Progressive Constitutional Change

blue Native American and European Viewpoints
Grade 11-12 - Sean Gilligan

red The Need For and Challenges to Passing the Susan B. Anthony Amendment
Grade 11 - Kristen DeBona

blue The Poor of Plainfield
Grade 8 - Kevin Grant

blue Pre-industrial Education
Grade 6 - Don Curtis and
Max Echevarria
David Clap's Diary

red President Jackson and Chief John Ross's Arguments for/against Relocation
Grade 11 - Taylor Lebovich

blue Progressives' Perspective
Grade 11 - Jarrid Clifton

blue Progressivism and Populism
Grades 9-12 - Ryan Broderick
Guided Notes
Guided Notes Answer Guide

red Prudence Crandall Affair
Grade 9 - Emma Tuthill

red Prudence Crandall takes on Canterbury
Grade 11 - Geraldine Dineen

blue Seneca Falls Declaration
Grade 11

blue Seneca Falls Declaration
Grade 8
Student Handout
Seneca Falls Declaration of Independence
Declaration of Independence

red Slavery in the United States - A Culminating RAFT Assignment
Grade 8 - Christine Antaya

red Slave v. Wage Labor
Grade 11 - Kristen DeBona

red Suffrage Movement: Reasons for and against Women Voting
Grade11 - Asia Boxton

blue Temperance
Grade 11
Webquest Resources
Written Document Analysis Worksheet

blue Temperance Reform
Grade 8 - Dona Stratton
Document Analysis Sheet
Scale of Temperance
Tree of Temperance

red Trail of Tears
Grade 8 - Kristen Blore
Trail of Tears Painting by Robert Lindneux
Personal accounts of Trail of Tears Guided Questions
John G Burnett's Story of the Removal of the Cherokees
Samuel's Story
Trail of Tears Homework

red Trail of Tears
Grades 7-12 - Robert Gamache

blue Trail of Tears
Grade 5 - Victoria Stolzman

red The Virtues of the 19th Century Housewife
Grade 8 - Virginia Viteri

red Using Primary Sources to Learn about Women’s Suffrage
Grade 11 - Lorraine Dooley

blue Women's Suffrage Stations
Grade 11 - Shelley Manning

blue Women's Suffrage
Grade 8 - David Chassanoff & Cyndee McManaman
Suffrage Vocabulary and Background Information
Discussion Questions Worksheet
Women's Suffrage Primary Sources

red Women’s Suffrage
Grade 8 - Dona Stratton

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