Teaching American History Project: Westward Expansion

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red Abraham Lincoln Snake Hunting in Connecticut
Grade 11 - Karen Cook

red Almanacs and American Life
Grade 5 - Maureen Festi
Student Handout

red American Imperialism – The Annexation of Hawaii
Grade 11 - Lorraine Dooley

blue Analysis of the Diary of Narissa Witman
Grade 7 - David Jones

red Analyzing the De Lome Letter
Grade 11 - Christopher Morgan
Teacher Copy
Student Handout

blue Andrew Jackson - Martial Law
Grades 9-12 - Ben Scurto
Bill proposed to reimburse Jackson
Debate on the fine of General Jackson
Warshauer background notes

blue Daniel Freeman
Grade 5 - Jeff Burnham, Stan Harris

red Hawaiians in 19th Century Oregon (1820s-1860s)
Grades 9-12 - Sean Gilligan

red Interpreting A Political Cartoon about Expansionist Ideas
Grade 11 - Bill Powers

red Investigating Lewis and Clark
Grade 8 - Kristen Blore
Lewis and Clark Student Worksheet

red Jacksonian Democracy via Political Cartoons
Grade 7 - Kyra Kasperson
Materials - Political Cartoons
Political Cartoon Worksheet

blue The Louisiana Purchase
and the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Grade 7 - Carol Goulart

red Manifest Destiny
Grades 9-12 - Karen Diaz
Manifest Destiny Documents

red Manifest Destiny
Grade 7 - Kyra Kasperson

red The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy
Grade 8 - Kathleen Bryce
Chapter Excerpts

blue The Pioneer Experience
Grade 10- Lisa Bastien

red Possible Interpretations of American Imperialism
Grades 9-12 - Bill Powers

red The Presidency of James K. Polk
Grade 11 - Lindsey Hepple

red The Question of Indian Removal or What to do With the Red Man?
Grade 8 - David Chassanoff
Indian Removal PowerPoint

red Should I Stay or Should I Go
Grade 8 - David Chassanoff

red Sumner-Brooks Incident
Grade 7 - Kyra Kasperson

red The Transportation Revolution
Grades 9-12 - Steve Turgeon

red Two Pioneer Descriptions or Oregon in 1847
Grades 9-12 - Sean Gilligan

red Using Primary Sources to Learn About Women's Suffrage
Grade 11 - Lorraine Dooley

red War on the Plains: The Battle of Little Bighorn
Grade 8 - Leilani Jones
Battle of Little Bighorn PowerPoint
Sioux Land Maps

blue What is Manifest Destiny
Grade 11 - Geri Dineen

red Woman in the California Gold Rush
Grade 11 - Cynthia Petrie

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