Teaching American History Project: World War I Era

WWI proprogandalusitaniaWWI propaganda poster directed toward women
wwi trenchesu s tanks

blue America Declares War on Germany, 1917
Art Blais

blue American Soldiers' Experiences During WWI
Grades 10-11 - Kate Walsh

red Checks and Balances and the Treaty of Versailles
Grades 10-11 - Joseph Lewerk

blue Christmas in the Trenches, 1914
Grades 9-12 - Spiro Mandes

blue Examining the Spanish Flu of 1918
Grade 8
Armstrong Questions

blue Europe Before and After WWI
Grade 8 - Barbara Siner

blue Eyewitness to History WWI
Grade 11 - Shelley Manning

red A Hartford Soldier's Experience During WWI
Grades 9-12 - Asia Boxton
Hanford Letters

red The Great War: A Finale
Grade 11 - Leilani Jones

red The IWW and the Perceived Threat to American Democracy during the First Red Scare
Grade 11 - Cynthia Petrie

red The League of Nations
Grade 11 - Lisa Bastien

red Motivating the Population-Propaganda During WWI
Grade 11 - Peter Joseph




blue Portrayals of Women in WWI
Grades 5-8 - Heather Fitzgerald and Don Curtis
WWI Posters of Women

blue Propaganda During WWI
Grade 8 - Anna Liisa Messier

red Recruitment Through Art in WWI
Grade 11 - Lynley Gates
America Mobilizes PowerPoint

red The Sinking of the Lusitania
Grade 8 - Kristen Blore
Cargo Manifest

red Suffrage Movement: Reasons for and against Women Voting
Grade11 - Asia Boxton

red Trench Warfare
Grade 8 - Lisa Romasanta
Trench Warfare PowerPoint

blue U.S. Involvement in WWI: The Zimmerman Note
Grades 9-12 - Bobby Skarvelas
WWI PowerPoint Presentation

red Wilson's Fourteen Points
Grade 11 - Lisa Bastien

red WWI Propaganda Choice Activity
Grade 10 - Kimberly Weber

blue WWI - The War Effort
Grades 5-8 - Heather Fitzgerald and Don Curtis
Posters and Photos

red WWI and the 1918-1919 Influenza
Grade 8 - Melssa Szych

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red 2009-2012 Teaching American History