Teaching American History Project: World War II Era

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red The 1940 Census
Grade 8 - Christine Antaya

red African American Anti-Woodrow Wilson Editorials
Grade 11 - Russell Hart

red American Students and Pearl Harbor
Grade 11 - Michael Meyer

red The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy
Grade 8 - Kathleen Bryce
Chapter Excerpts

blue The Atlantic Charter
Grades 7-12 - Michael Meyer

blue The Atomic Bomb - WWII
Grades 5-8 - Don Curtis and Heather Fitzgerald
Hiroshima, August 6
Letter from Albert Einstein
Surviving the Attack on Hiroshima
The First Atomic Bomb Blast

blue Case Study - Manzanar
Grade 11 - Bill Powers
Persuasive Posters Worksheet

blue Eleanor Roosevelt: Changing Role of the First Lady
Grades 9-12 - Ryan Broderick

red Evaluating Positive and Negative Propaganda of World War II
Grade 11 - Jarrid Clifton
Propaganda PowerPoint Presentation

red Examining the Holocaust through American Newspapers
Grade 11 - Lynley Gates

red Executive Order 9066 - Japanese Internment Photos
Grades 9-12 - Spiro Mandes

blue The Four Freedoms: Roosevelt's Speech
Grade 7

blue The Home Front - Convincing Americans to Help America Prepare
Grade 6
Home Front PowerPoint
WWII Posters PowerPoint

red The Holocaust
Grade 8 - Kristen Blore
Lesson Worksheet
Early Holocaust Photos
Propaganda Document
Personal Stories

red Introduction to the Holocaust Lesson
Grade 8 - David Chassanoff
Introduction to the Holocaust Powerpoint

red Introduction to Japanese Internment
Grades 7-10 - Robert Gamache

red Japanese American Internment: Examining Racial Tensions
Grades 9-12 - Kristen DeBona
Japanese American Internment Powerpoint
Propaganda Analysis Worksheet

blue Japanese American Internment Lesson
Grade 11 - Sean Gilligan

red Japanese Internment: The Art of Gaman
Grades 9-12 - Kristen DeBona
Art of Gaman Powerpoint

red Korematsu Challenge Wartime Internment
Grade 11 - Geraldine Dineen

red Military Recruitment Over Time
Grade 8 - Kevin Grant

red The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy
Grade 8 - Kathleen Bryce
Chapter Excerpts

red Pearl Harbor and 9/11: A Comparative Study
Grade 10 - Kimberly Weber

blue Pearl Harbor - and We Still Never Suspected a Thing
Grade 11 - Chris Brooks
Cartoon Analysis

red Potsdam Declaration
Grade 11 - Lisa Bastien

red Power of Words - America's Entry into World War II
Grade 11 - Daniel Martin

blue Propaganda - WWII
Grade 11 - Courtney Worcester
Propaganda Cartoons
Propaganda Postcards
Propaganda Project
Guided Notes (Teacher Copy)

red Road to World War II
Grades 9-12 - Nina Skarvelas
Road to World War II Powerpoint

red Should The United States Have Used the Atomic Bombs Against Japan In Order To End WWII?
Grades 9-12 - Karen Diaz

blue Treatment of African American Soldiers: Civil War and WWII
Grade 11 - Cynthia Petrie

red Truman's Decision to Drop the Bombs
Grade 11 - Kevin Mariano
Harry Truman's Decision Article

blue Use of Persuasive Strategies to Analyze History
Grades 9-12 - Bill Powers

blue Voices of History
Grade 8 - Barbara Siner

blue What Makes a Generation Great?
Grades 11-12 - Jason McGarry

red What Would You Do?
Grade 11 - Nicole Veach
The War in the Pacific Powerpoint
Atomic Bomb Press Release
Newspaper Article
Truman to Russell Correspondence
Truman to Kupcinet Correspondence
Truman to Cate Correspondence
Truman to Klein Correspondence

red Women on the Homefront - WWII
Grade 11 - Leilani Jones
Radio Clip

red WWII Comic Book Covers
Grades 9-12 - Michael Meyer

red WWII Women Airforce Service Pilots
Grade 8 - Kathleen Bryce

red WWII – U. S. Military Papers and Artifacts of a Massachusetts Soldier
Grade 8 - Lisa Romasanta

blue Would You Drop the Bomb?
Grade 11 - Jarrid Clifton

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